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Chain Link

For commercial applications, chainlink fencing is the number one choice around the world.

PVC Coated Chain Link


Ornamental Fence

Echelon aluminum fence. A revolutionary fence system of aluminum posts, framework and mounting accessories that is easily assembled to form an attractive, good neighbor appearance with no exposed fasteners.

Ornamental Gates

We have many different styles and sizes of ornamental gates. 

High Security

The Ameristar Ornamental Invincible, and Impasse Trident series are designed for high-risk security applications.

Access Controls

Many homeowners and commercial businesses turn to gate systems to help keep their properties safe and secure by controlling who has access to the premise.

Sports Fields

Ameristar Wire-Works

2018 Expertise Badge

The list of the Top Fence Companies in Kansas City has been updated for 2018. U.S. Fence Company of KC, is once again included on this list.

Every year Expertise runs an analysis on all previously selected businesses, to ensure they still meet our standards of excellence for consumers. U.S. Fence Company of KC business continues to excel.

This badge shows that U.S. Fence Company of KC has been recognized as one of the best in the industry.

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